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Kitty Hawk is L-O-V-e!

Dec. 13th, 2005

10:22 am

The dream is regaining the potential to be realized!

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Jul. 4th, 2005

02:06 am


I have the following livejournal username/journal up for grabs:


I'd really love to give it to someone who will put it to good use. It has an Amelie layout, made by a friend of mine, which you can keep as long as you keep the credit. And I would love to give the journal to someone in my state (even better if you are in my city, but I am doubtful of that), North Carolina (I live in Elizabeth City).

email me at lulu_plum77@yahoo.com or post a comment on my other journal lulu_plum and tell me why you would like my old journal.

Also, willing to trade verbalfrenzy for a renaming token for my sister.

Tis all...

Jun. 29th, 2004

08:28 pm

so yeah, if anybody is free on the evening of July 4th, i thought it would be fun to have our own mini-celebration with independence patriotism, little fireworks, and KH planning periods. I was thinking in a nice random field in a tent with a blanket for outdoor fun... Lemme know what you think, or if you can't make it. Also, the time i am considering is around 9 or 10 p.m to start, so that we can enjoy the lovely summer night. tata my fellow KHers. Oh yeah, and p.s. Mitch is the one. He needs to be THE ONE.

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02:31 pm - kitty hawk brunch

Attention: there will be a kitty hawk brunch.
next week.
does saturday work?
i am not sure if it works for me.
but i do not work on saturday.
or after 3, but that's a late brunch.
as long as we bring toast and melon though--it can be whenever.
let me know know know

02:06 am

tonight, while she was asleep in my bed, mia had a revelation.

i was just lying next to her as she slept, relaxing and enjoying being in the moment in the dark.

all of a sudden, she shook quickly and said aloud,

"i know who we have to kidnap for kitty hawk: mitch."

for you who most likely does not know him, doug, mitch is mitch cook, a friend of ours who just finished his freshman year of high school here at chelsea. he is in the band "the mark socks experience" and is an excellent citizen. i strongly agree with mia's idea of kidnapping him, if it turns out to be a plausible.

what was most humorous about her saying this was that shortly after she said it, i laughed because i found the randomness of the occurence quite enjoyable. she seemed to take offense to this and said something to the effect of,

"i really am awake this time though! i'm conscious and aware of what i'm saying!"

i told her that i wholeheartedly believed her, and then she proceeded to lie still for another twenty minutes or so, until i woke her up to take her home. at this point, i asked her if she recalled talking about mitch, which, of course, she did not.

the end.

Jun. 22nd, 2004

01:37 am - Let's Talk Hawk!

this is the first entry, quite exciting if you were to ask me.

My trip to KH needs some planning.
The following applies to Kitty Hawkers and Potential Kitty Hawkers of this trip:
Katheryn, Aaron, and Mia and Dougrobert and me all need to set are 4 days in july.
also: Barbie, you are coming.
also: Cody needs to figure something out.
i'm thinking something nice and simple-maybe he can feign his own death to his parents and then come back after kitty hawk and be like 'heh, gotcha, i'm still alive, what's for dinner?'

anyway. people.
let me know!
we need to figure out.

+The Cast
+Food (if any)

if we're not going to pay for a place to stay, i say we have a feild trip and see guest speakers who are homeless and ask them the tricks of the trade.

okay, that is all for now.
~___much love_____-DouG

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